Choosing the right hosting company is not always easy like most people presume. This is because the ultimate company will provide you with a blend of performance, agility, reliability, and perfect integration with other effects and options on your website. Flywheel and WP Engine are the top hosting companies in the market presently. While both companies offer high-end hosting, the competition between Flywheel and WP Engine is stiff. Here is what you need to know about these hosting companies.


Flywheel aims at empowering website designs and developers with easy-to-use features for the best and excellent results. From a simple and clearly spelt-out user interface to a seamless navigation and stylish outlook, Flywheel offers a great deal of functionalities, including free password-enabled demo websites. Additionally, it offers smooth integration with social media platforms and third party sites such as LinkedIn. This free tool helps web designers in creating local (WordPress) websites. The tool runs on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The simplicity of this tool makes it easy and possible for everyone to use it, including those with little technical knowledge on creating websites. …